How to Win:

1. Like the Rain MU page.

2. Comment your IGN.
3. Tag at atleast 3 friends who Love to play MU.

4. Share this post to atleast 3 groups.

Use this caption when sharing:
Yung uso ang party2x sa devias 1,2,3,4?
Yung 1 client lang per PC?
Yung low exp and low drop rate?
Yung walang reset o rebirth?
Yung walang set donations?
Kung ganyan nga, edi RainMU na nga matagal nating hinihintay!!


1st Prize = 30 bless, 30 soul, 30 life, 30 chaos, 4 Loch's Feather &  4 Monarch's Crest
2nd Prize = 20 bless, 20 soul, 20 life, 20 chaos, 2 Loch's Feather &  2 Monarch's Crest
3rd Prize = 10 bless, 10 soul, 10 life, 10 chaos, 1 Loch's Feather &  1 Monarch's Crest

Winners will be announce on September 24, 2019.

***The more you tag and share, the more chances of winning.

Event Schedule

Blood Castle
Chaos Castle
Devil Square
Skeleton King Invasion
Red Dragon Invasion
Golden Invasion
White Wizard Invasion
Valley of Loren
Happy Hour

Top Level+